Due to the COVID-19 (novel corona-virus) infections spreading out all over Asia, Europe and North-America,
local authorities have taken various measures in the hope to decrease the number of daily new cases.

In almost all affected countries these measures mean a lockdown of all social gatherings and events big and small,
and a temporary closedown of bars, clubs and event locations.

Social life in general has come to a standstill. The fetish community is equally affected by this and gathering in groups whether it’s in a public or private atmosphere is strongly discouraged by heath authorities all over the globe.

Nobody knows how long this situation will last. iSleaze.com will suspend its online calendar until the situation changes and it’s safe again to go out and play.

For now we hope each and every one of you is following the instructions of your local government and the public health authorities. 

Take care of yourself and others. Stay safe and we hope to see you back as soon as possible.